* 3.26.2018 *

The trip to California was a success! Met with some Movie Industry folks and happy to announce that Ghost Light™ are now being used by some big movie companies!

















* 3.04.2018 *

The GL Shop will be closed  March 16th-18th (Friday-Sunday) and reopen on Monday,

March 19th. Any orders coming in that weekend will be processed on Monday.

Thank You for your patience.


* 2.01.2018 *

GL gets schooled!















We are honored to have been chosen by one of the largest Universities in the U.S.A. to provide Custom Ghost Light™ models for their Biology Department.


* 1.02.2018 *

Happy New Year to everyone!
We wish to thank everyone for the continued support again in 2017. It is because of your loyalty that we can continue this journey. With the new year comes many more new projects and innovations from Ghost Light™.The machines are tuned and upgraded so there is virtually nothing we can't make! There will be more new lights and designs unveiled in the coming weeks. So stay tuned and we wish everyone an Awesome 2018!


* 12.24.2017 *

*** Congrats to the random drawing winners: Mel Shearhart (1st Place - GL6-PRO-30 Thirty Watt IR Light Package) and Kim Addy Purvis (2nd Place - GL6-PRO-MINI-GP10 Ten Watt IR Light & PowerCore Package)! *** Thank you all and Merry Christmas!!!
























* 12.16.2017 *

Okay, here it is, the 6th Annual Holiday Ghost Light™ Giveaway! It's a little different this year. Just go to the GL page and post why you would a Ghost Light™ and your name goes into the drawing. There will be 2 winners chosen by randomized drawing software. The prizes are shown in the picture. Good Luck and Happy Holidays!



* 12.11.2017 *

As the year is closing out things are still hopping in the GL Shop!

We are proud to introduce the

PowerCore PC-1 Modular Power System

for GL6-PRO-MINI-GP Lights!

This tiny power pack can extend the runtime of the PRO-MINI lights up to 3 times longer and it can power all GoPro™ style cameras up to 5 hours! It can also power or charge your cell phone or tablet!

You can learn more on the Custom Shop Page in the "Accessories" Tab



* 11.28.2017 *

We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

As we again move into another Holiday Season, We want to thank you all again for your support and allowing us to continue our mission and research. It is because of you that Ghost Light™ has become the best night-vision and specialty lights available over the last 8 years, and we will continue our mission to bring you more new innovations in the field and superior technology.



* 11.11.2017 *

We are currently working on some new exciting projects that we can't talk about yet.

We also have more new lights in the works.

The coffee and ideas are always brewing in the Ghost Light™ Shop!



* 10.15.2017 *

It has come to our attention that there is an individual making cheap knock-offs of our lights.

It like this happens around Halloween every few years or so.

While this is not okay, we don't mind that someone wants to make lights to sell. We do mind that this person trying to use our years of hard work, research, investment, and inventions to make a quick buck.

Copy-cats will come and go but Ghost Light™ has been in business for 8 years and we'll be here for years to come to create more new innovations in lighting, make the best lights available, and support every light we make for our customers.


* 9.30.2017 *

The Shop is back open and in full operation!


* 9.22.2017 *

The Shop will be Closed from Sept. 23rd-Sept. 29th. Orders will resume processing again on Saturday, Sept. 30th. Thank You for your Support!


* 7.12.2017 *

The Shop will be closed Thursday, July 13th and reopen on Friday, July 14th.

All orders will resume processing on Friday.

Thank you for your patience.



* 6.20.2017 *

Well it has been very busy around the old work shop.

Debuting this month are first of the new GL6-PRO-II Series Lights!

The first of the new Series are a 20 Watt IR/UV Light, switchable 20 Watt/40 Watt IR Light, and switchable 15 Watt/30 Watt/45 Watt Lights!

You can see them in the PRO-II Series tab of the Lights Page.


Also appearing this month is the Para-Mount  PM-PhM-2.

This is a universal cell phone mount that can be attached to any of the GP Series lights.

When coupled with the GL6-PRO-MINI-GP-W20 Twenty Watt White Light, it makes an excellent filming rig for your phone which can be attached to a tripod or hand grip. This allows  one-handed filming with your phone without the need for flashlights and won't drain your phone's battery. It is perfect for Photos, Videos, and Live Broadcasts with your phone!

Check it out on the Custom Shop tab of the Lights Page,


* 4.10.2017 *

Working on new videos from recent field tests and more new lights.


* 3.28.2017 *

The shop will be closed this weekend, Friday, March 31st and Saturday, April 1st, to attend the annual benefit investigation event to support The Abbey in Canon City, CO.

Orders will resume processing on Monday, April, 3rd.


* 3.12.2017 *

The newest member of the GL6-PRO family has been released!

The GL6-PRO-MINI-GP is a smaller, lighter 10 Watt IR light for IR and Full Spectrum modified GoPro™ style action cameras. It features a GP style quick release socket on top to mount your action cam, 3 user selectable output levels, optional strobe effects, and customized choice of long range, wide range, or a mix of both.

You can see it in the GoPro™ Tab of the Light Page.


* 2.15.2017 *

Check out the new GL6-ADV-10-CSV 120° Wide Angle IR Light from the Custom Shop

now available in the GL6-ADV Series tab on the Lights Page!


* 1.18.2017 *

Well with the new year comes new additions to the GL6 Series Lights. New models and new types will be joining the line up soon.


* 12.09.2016 *

Be sure and check out our Facebook page for details on how to enter this year's Holiday Giveaway! It's just our way of saying Thank You for your support!

Happy Holidays!



* 11.30.2016 *

Closing out the year with a few more exciting Ghost Light™ models.

Stay tuned for more updates...



* 9.21.2016 *


The Shop will be closed from Monday, Sept. 26th to Friday, Sept. 30th. It will be back

open on Saturday, Oct. 1st, and resume processing orders then.

Thank you for your patience and support!


* 7.22.2016 *

Pikes Peak Metal Works, the shop that made our aluminum parts is closing so unfortunately the GL5-PRO Series lights will be discontinued unless we find a new metal shop that can do the quality work that they did for us at a reasonable price. There are still a few GL5-PROs that will be available for a short time, but once those are gone, there won't be any more available.

So if you had your eye on a GL5-PRO light, now's the time to grab one before they are gone.


The GL6-PRO Series will replace the GL5 PRO Series.


* 7.08.2016 *

The Custom Shop is closed for re-tooling for the weekend. All orders will be processed on Monday, July 11th. Thank you for your patience and support!


* 5.28.2016 *

The first of the new GL6 Series lights are being released. Watch for all of the GL6 ADV and PRO Series to be released over the next few weeks!


* 3.09.2016 *

As we enter our 6th Generation Lights, new things for this year will include Specialty lights for Photography and Forensics and a new Custom Shop for building custom designs and applications. More to come so stay tuned!


* 1.27.2016 *

Well with the new year comes new new ideas and new technology. Look for many new and amazing things from Ghost Light™ in the coming months!


* 1.01.2016 *

Happy New Year Everyone!


* 12.10.2015 *

UPDATE: Congratulations to the drawing winners, Thomas Lee Mays and

Franklin County VA Paranormal! Happy Hunting and Happy Holidays!


* 11.27.2015 *

With the Holidays approaching I wanted to thank everyone for their support again this year with a gift. Since I obviously can't give everyone something, I'm having a drawing to win a new GL5-PRO-FS True Full Spectrum Light with rechargeable batteries & charger for FREE!

The drawing is will be on Dec. 10th.

Go to and Like the Ghost Light™ Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/GhostLightPro to enter. Thank you all so much again and Happy Holidays!