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The GL Custom Shop Series are custom designed lights and accessories for specific needs. Ghost Lights™ can be made to any specifications. So if you want a special configuration, design, or color, we can make it for you. The Custom Shop has created lights from specific requests and our own CAD designs for a wide variety of specialty lighting, such as lights for Artistic and Nocturnal Wildlife Photographers, Forensics and CSI Investigators, Law Enforcement, Hunters, Drones, Robotics, Paranormal Research, Wildlife Conservation, and more. Ghost Light™ designed and set up the Custom 3D Printing Shop in 2016 and has mastered the art of 3D Printing.

Now the variety of lights we can make is virtually unlimited!


GL6-PRO-MINI-GP-W20 Twenty Watt White Light

- Custom Designed 20 Watt White Light LED Array

- Patented Power Boosting Electronics

- Hight, Medium, and Low Output Modes

- Customizable Long and Wide Range Illumination Options

- Approximate Effective Range - 100 Feet *

- Requires One Rechargeable 18650 Lithium Battery **

- Runs Up To 2 Hours (in High Mode) Depending on Battery Quality **

- Batteries and Charger Not Included

- GoPro™ Style Cameras Can Mount to Top of Light

- Light Mounts to All GoPro™ Style Mounts

- Removable Hot Shoe / Tripod Mount Included

- Low Profile On-Off Switch

- Custom Impact and Heat Resistant Compact Chassis  - 3" X 1.25"

- Hand Made in the USA by Colorado Para-Tech


* Depending on Reflective Surfaces Available

** See 18650 FAQ for Info on the Proper Batteries


The GL6-PRO-MINI-GP-W20 is a 20 Watt White Light designed to be used with all GoPro™ style action cams, as well as all cameras, camcorders, and even cell phones (with optional PM-PhM-2 Phone Mount). Action cams can mount directly to the GP quick-clip mount on top of the light and the light will mount directly to all GP style mounts. A hot shoe / tripod mounting adapter is also included so it can also be used with standard camera mounts. It runs on one rechargeable 18650 battery up to 2 hours. There are 3 User controlled Output Levels. You can also choose between Long Range, Wide Range, or a Long/Wide Range Mix. Please specify the Range Option. If no options are chosen, the default options are Long & Wide Range Mix. With the optional PM-PhM-1 phone mount, you can mount your phone to the top of the light and attach a hand grip or tripod to the bottom and get superior quality photos, videos, and live broadcasts in the dark places.


Range Options

PM-PhM-2 Phone Mount System

- Custom Shop Phone Mount for the GL6-PRO-MINI Series Lights

- Mounts Phone to the top of GP Series Lights

- Universal Design to Hold Almost Any Phone

- Made for Use with Phones With or Without a Case

- Phone can be Rotated to Film Vertical or Horizontal

- Includes GL6-PRO-MINI-GP-W20 Twenty Watt White Light

- Light Requires 1 Rechargeable 18650 Battery (Not Included)

- Includes Morphing Pistol Grip/Mini Tripod

- Strong and Light Weight

- Mounts to the Quick Release Clip on Top of the Light

- Hand Made in the USA by Colorado Para-Tech


The PM-PhM-2 Phone Mount was designed to work in tandem with the GL6-PRO-MINI-GP-W20 Twenty Watt White Light to allow cell phone users to take high quality photos and video, as well as live broadcasts in dimly lit or even completely dark places with outstanding results. With the PRO-MINI/Phone Mount System mounted to a hand grip, tripod, or flash bracket, you can take great quality photos and videos without fumbling with flashlights, and the PRO-MINI's powerful 20 Watt light will light up the scene much better than your phone's camera light and won't drain your phone's battery. Live broadcasts will look much better with good illumination.


The Universal Design allows will hold almost any phone and the phone can be rotated to film vertically or horizontally.


GL6-PRO-360-II for Modified 360 Fly Cam


This 360° 20 Watt IR Light was developed specially for 360 Fly Cams that have been modified to IR or Full Spectrum. It runs in two rechargeable 18650 Lithium-Ion batteries up to 5 hours. There is a 1/4-20 standard tripod size screw on top to mount the 360Fly and a heavy duty standard size tripod/cold shoe mount on the bottom.






PowerCore PC-1 Modular Power System

for GL6-PRO-MINI-GP Lights & GoPro™ Cameras


This small modular power pack is powered by 2 rechargeable 18650 batteries (batteries not included). It can be used with any of the GL6-PRO-MINI-GP Lights that have the optional External Power Jack. It can power the light  by itself or used together with the light's battery to extend the runtime up to 3 times longer!


The PC-1 can also power all Gopro™ style cameras up to 5 hours. It can also power or charge your cell phone or tablet. And it can power your GL6-PRO-MINI-GP Light and your GP style action cam or phone at the same time!


There are GP mounts on the top and bottom to accommodate any GP style connectors and devices and it comes with a tripod/hot shoe adapter.



- PowerCore PC-1 Module

- Tripod/Hot Shoe Adapter

- Built-in 5 Volt USB Output Jack

- USB to Micro USB Power Cable for GP Style Cameras

- Built-in Power Cable for GL6-PRO-MINI-GP Lights with External Power Jack *

- Requires 2 Rechargeable 18650 Lithium Batteries (Batteries not included) **


* Note: Owners of GL6-PRO-MINI-GP lights without External Power Jack may return their light for Free External Power Jack Upgrade.


** Note: Always used matched pairs of 18650 batteries of the same brand and mAh rating and use batteries with an output current rating of 2 Amps or greater.



Para-Mount PM-1 Camera & Accessory

Mounting System


This light weight mounting system allows you to mount your camera and five other accessories on one easy to manage rig that uses the cameras own weight to act as a stabilizer for smoother motion shots. The side arms fold back when not in use and can lock into any position to allow the use of many different accessories. The arms are 6 inches long and can support about 2 pounds of weight each. When fully extended to the sides, it has a mounting span of 16 inches. The PM-1 comes with 4 mounting screws to hold accessories that have a 1/4 inch tripod style mounting hole and a cold shoe style mount on top. The top mount is adjustable and removable. Now you can mount your camera, lights, recorder, meters, etc., on one grab and go solution!



- Camera Carrier

- Two 6 inch, Movable Arms

- Four 1/4 Inch Mounting Screws

- One Adjustable Cold Shoe Mount




Package Specials





GL6-PRO-30 30 Watt IR Package



- GL6-PRO-30 30 Watt IR Light

- Nitecore i4Intelligent Multi-Charger

- 2 Orbtronic 3400 mAh High Drain Batteries







GL6-PRO-20 20 Watt IR Package



- GL6-PRO-20 20 Watt IR Light

- Nitecore i4Intelligent Multi-Charger

- 2 Orbtronic 3400 mAh High Drain Batteries







GL6-PRO-MIM-GP 10 Watt IR Package



- GL6-PRO-MINI-GP 10 Watt IR Light for GoPro™

- Nitecore i2 Intelligent Multi-Charger

- 2 Orbtronic 3400 mAh High Drain Batteries




Orbtronic 3400 Batteries are the top rated 18650 batteries available. They have the longest run times and consistent stable power and, with their double protection circuits, they are the safest batteries you can use too.


Combined with the Nitecore Intelligent Multi-Charger, this is an unbeatable package!


Advanced Battery Pack-2-ORB3400

- Nitecore i2 Intelligent Multi-Charger

- 2 Orbtronic 3400 mAh High Drain Batteries

- 5-6 Hours Constant Operation Time Depending on the

GL-PRO Model



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